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Fibroblast Skin Tightening

FIBROBLAST is a revolutionary skin tightening method, available at Royale Beauty Therapy with our qualified Fibroblast Specialist. It’s a non-surgical approach dedicated to the perfecting of sagging skin on the eyes, facial wrinkles and slackening facial skin in numerous areas including removal of skin tags and moles. The non-invasive beauty treatment is carried out using the Plamere plasma pen

Fibroblast Is the Perfect Procedure to Treat

  • Under Eye Area
  • Upper Eye Lid Area
  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead Lift
  • Glabellar Frown Lines (Between Brows)
  • Horizontal Forehead Lines 
  • Upper Lip (smokers lines)
  • Lower Lip
  • Nasolabial
  • Marionette Lines
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Acne Treatment
  • Skin Tags
  • Mole Removal (Flat or Raised)
  • Scar Removal 
  • Keloids
  • Age Spots. Benign Skin

Price's for procedure's are discussed during consultation as costs needs to be determined individually

Anyone interested in the Fibroblast procedure is required to have face-to-face consultation. Careful assessment by our qualified specialist will ensure the right treatment plan. We strive to ensure that the treatment is offered only to people who will see the benefits. To ensure this we have a consultation process in place to cover all elements that could impact your result and we will look at this on an individual basis.  Each person and treated area is different and the cost needs to be determined individually.  Book now for your free 30 minute consultation! Consultation includes patch test
Client testimonial - An exciting and a little apprehensive experience for me. Having a lovely beautician to talk the procedure through with put me at ease. The results are amazing. I never would have thought results could have been gained without pain. This procedure is painless and gets results. Could not have wishes for better. Thanks, Jo.


How Does The Treatment Work?

Various grid points are placed on the skin using a tiny sterile plasma probe. The pin point energy is the magic of the treatment. Due to the variety and arrangement of the points, the energy produced reduces excess skin; the result being that the skin area concentrated on is clearly tightened. The small FIBROBLAST plasma flash, in addition to its evaporation effect, simultaneously exerts a reduction of the treated skin surface causing a tissue-tightening effect. This ensures rapid and scar less healing. The elasticity of the skin is improved and a distinctive tightening is made possible.

What Are The Advantages Of This Skin Lifting Treatment Vs Surgery

Results like you've had surgery - Without going under the knife!
No cutting of the skin!
No stitches or scars!
No risk of tight eyelids or scars after surgery!
Minimal side effects!
Can return to work same day!
Significant cost savings!

In contrast to conventional surgery, the skin cannot be ‘over lifted’. The technology used means that once the skin has reached maximum lifting point, it just stops working. So it is guaranteed that only the natural excess skin is reduced.

What is the Downtime/Recovery Time?

One of the major advantages of FIBROBLAST is that it offers a much less invasive/expensive alternative to surgery as well as the time it takes to carry out. This does not mean there is no downtime, but by comparison it is minimal. You may experience some swelling in the area treated, particularly in the eye area, this diminishes over a 2-5 day period. The tiny plasma flash causes ‘crusts’ to form on the skin giving the distinctive dotting effect. These on average are gone between 5-7 days. They may also be covered with mineral powder to reduce their visibility. These are cosmetic issues only, technically there is no real downtime if these visual effects are of no concern to you.

Does it Hurt?

Fibroblast is a non-surgical treatment, but some sensation will be experienced. Patients report mild discomfort during and after treatment. Topical cream is applied to numb the area to be treated approximately 30 prior to procedure.

Why Choose Us?

• Non-Surgical Treatment
• Less Complication (No Anaesthesia)
• Reduced Down-Time
• Much Lower Cost than Surgery
• Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty, No Blood, No Cuts
• Skin Regeneration and Reducing of Melanin Pigment
• Performed by our Fully Qualified Fibroblast Specialist and Aesthetic Practitioner

Our genuine plasma arc machine is an Aesthetic grade device which gives superior results compared to many others on the market as well as being better suited to a wide range of conditions. 

In the case of Laser this is photon and Plasma is ion, Ion can move into the skin layer and change skin’s structure completely. Comparing to Radio Frequency, the plasma effects only the epidermal layer so less risk of damage to the skin permanently.