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Spray tanning and spa treatments

Back, Neck & Shoulders / 30min

Target tension releasing specific areas

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Back Bliss Ritual / 45min

Exfoliating back scrub, head, neck, shoulders and back

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Full Body Relaxation / 60min / $85

Enjoy your top to toe Swedish massage

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Aroma Massage with Essential Oils / 75min

A fragrant journey beginning with your choice of...

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Immune Boosting Rejuvenation Wrap / 120min

Packed with vitamins and minerals, boosting the immune system

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Pore-fection / 60min

massage and a pampering facial designed for your skin type

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Escape to Radiance / 2 hours 20min

full body relaxation massage and a signature facial

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Queen for a Day / 3 hours 30min

Royale pedicure, manicure, back bliss ritual and a signature facial

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The Advantages of Spray Tanning and Finding the Right Spa Treatments at a Day Spa in New Plymouth

When many people think of tanning, they think of spending hot, uncomfortable hours in the sun. That’s one way to achieve the sun-kissed look you want, but you’ll also expose yourself to several serious problems, such as premature signs of ageing and an elevated risk of skin cancer. There’s a better way to get the glow you’re seeking. Come and experience Spray tanning at a spa in New Plymouth.

There’s a good reason sun tanning is becoming less and less popular. It’s true that you need a certain amount of sunshine; it helps your body produce essential vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure causes the skin to break down, and habitual sun tanning can lead to irreversible skin damage in the form of age spots, premature lines and wrinkles, and even cancer. Exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays too often is not only unwise; it’s life-threatening. Instead, choose a spray tan at a day spa in New Plymouth, and you’ll be gaining the following benefits.

A natural-looking tan

If you love the way a “real” tan looks, you’re a perfect candidate for spray tanning – you won’t be able to tell the difference! Modern spray tans mimic the look of suntans perfectly. Too-dark or orange colour is a thing of the past. You won’t have to worry about streaks, either; we apply spray tans with a fine mist for smooth and even coverage. You’ll get only a natural-looking, beautiful tan that’s long-lasting, too.

Nourished skin

When you spend hours in the sun, your healthy skin cells are destroyed by free radicals, causing numerous potential problems with your appearance and health. Spray tanning, on the other hand, uses formulas that contain skin-friendly nutrients that help your skin stay smooth and supple. Most spray tan formulas are rich in hydrating nutrients, nourishing oils, and multivitamins to soften, repair, and refresh dry, dull skin.

A year-round tan

You can usually achieve a tan only during the summer months or on holidays. When your tan fades, you’ll have to start all over. Spray tans comes with no such inconveniences; when your tan begins to fade, simply schedule a quick touch-up at your day spa. It takes half an hour or less to make you look glowing and vibrant in just one appointment.

Hidden blemishes

People often think that a suntan will conceal blemishes and other skin imperfections, but the opposite is often true. Sun exposure can worsen or darken scars and other marks on the skin – sometimes, permanently. A good spray tan, on the other hand, will help camouflage blemishes, age spots, varicose veins, and stretch marks, leaving you with beautifully tanned, healthy-looking skin.

Spa Treatments in New Plymouth at Royale Beauty Therapy

At Royale Beauty Therapy, we offer spray tanning alongside other beauty treatments including waxing, threading, manicures and pedicures, facials and peels, and massage. We focus on personalised service for each client, and we make the ethical choice to use certified organic and cruelty-free products whenever possible. Our qualified, experienced technicians can provide you with the beautiful tan or other treatments you want in a relaxing setting you’ll enjoy. Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – contact Royale Beauty Therapy today and get ready to be pampered.