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Spray Tanning

There is no denying a beautiful tan makes most of us feel, confident, slimmer and more attractive. Regardless of lifestyle, age and skin type, our spray tan will deliver a beautiful, look, feel, and finish on the skin and of course AMAZING colour with a gorgeous glow from head to toe

Spray Tans New Zealand


  • Full body Spray tan  - $60
  • Spray tan half body  - $40

Our natural looking and organic spray tan will have you glowing from head to toe.




For those of us with naturally pale skin, getting a tan is one of the most sought-after beauty and self-care treatments. It’s easy to see why—just about everyone looks better with a little colour in their skin tone. As the weather begins to warm, it may be tempting to get a head start with your summer fashion and allow the sun to work its magic. Getting a spray tan, however, is usually a healthier and less damaging option for your skin.


If you’re tired of having dull or pasty looking skin, but would like to avoid the risks associated with sun tanning, getting spray tanning done in New Plymouth at Royale Beauty Therapy is an ideal solution. Our highly qualified beauty therapists can provide you with a natural-looking tan that works for your skin type and tone. Our personalised treatments help you avoid the much-dreaded ‘orange’ look associated with lower-quality spray tans or ones where too much colour was applied. For spray tanning in New Plymouth that gives you a healthy and vibrant glow, try one of our spray tanning treatments.


Royale Beauty Therapy in New Plymouth is committed to using ethical, all-natural products wherever possible, which is why we use organic spray tan products to help you achieve the best-looking results. When you book your session for spray tanning at our New Plymouth location, you will get pampered by two qualified makeup artists who will ensure you get the tan of your dreams. Whether you wish to keep that sun-kissed look year-round or want to look fabulous at a wedding or other event, we’re here to ensure you both look and feel incredible with a tan you’ll truly love.


Before Your Spray Tan

• Make sure you shower and exfoliate well the day before your tan 
• Do not apply any moisturizers or fragrances after showering as these can form a barrier to the spray tan solution and will reduce the ability to apply an even colour all over.
• If you normally wax, make sure you do this at least 1 to 2 days before your tanning treatment.
• If you normally shave, make sure you do this prior to coming in.
• Wear loose, dark clothes to your appointment as you don’t want anything tight that will rub where the tan is developing on your skin. For females – if you can go without a bra afterward for a couple of hours, all the better.
• Bring jandals or similar open-toed shoes to wear afterward.

After Your Spray Tan

• Ideally wait 4-6 hours after the spray tan as been applied before you shower – the longer you leave it the darker the tan will be (do not leave on for longer than 8 hours though) 
• Try not to get caught in the rain following your appointment as raindrops may distort where the tan has been applied and you may end up with small white dots where the rain has landed.
• Likewise, avoid washing your hands or feet following your treatment until the 2 hour mark has been reached.
• Try not to get too hot and sweaty immediately afterward (no gym sessions or running until after you have showered!).
• Until you shower, wear loose baggy clothes to ensure the tan can develop freely and not be rubbed off by tight waistbands or bra straps.
• Once you have showered, you will notice the bronzer washing away, leaving you looking tanned and glowing underneath. From this point on hydration is the key! Please note: the tan will continue to develop even after the shower, so do not be alarmed if you’re not as tanned as you expect to be.
• The tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.
• Keep skin well moisturized following your treatment as this will increase the longevity of the tan as well as ensuring that it fades evenly and doesn’t become patchy.
• Try and use a non-abrasive skin wash so that the tan is not stripped away by the chemicals in your soap or shower gels.